Heading into 2019…

Another year, another post…you have to laugh at the blistering speed of my blogging! I cringe at the thought of the amount I have spent maintaining this site each year (you’re welcome WordPress!) versus the amount of use. Maybe this year will be my breakout blogging year…but then again…

Looking back and looking forward, all is good. 2018 was a good year that saw a number of trips for work and for play; continued love; an attempt to learn the guitar through actual taking of lessons; and a number of efforts to increase my skills in photography. (Forward those into 2019, please!) The girls continue to grow, experience life and make me a proud dad. The elder has started her college career, and is off to a strong start while still working to figure out what she would like to major in. The younger continues to amaze me with her EQ. Watching them both grow and mature as young adults is exactly what parenting is all about. They amaze me every day.

I am still working to identify my theme for 2019. Last year, it was No Boundaries…not sure that i achieved that in my day to day, but overall, it was a blessed year that I am very thankful for. I am thinking that it will be a theme focused on Challenges, or Growth, of Experiences and Impact. Working on identifying 12 monthly challenges that will push me to grow, to fail, to succeed, and, most importantly, to live each day as the gift it is.

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”


Thinking about my challenges for this year, I come back to improving and practicing my photography, continuing on my guitar lessons, focus on my overall health and fitness…you know, the usual. But also focusing on my career growth, improving my skills and taking on new challenges. New income opportunities, new travel destinations, reading more books, and finding something completely new that I haven’t even thought about yet.

January’s challenges…focus on new fitness. I am committing to 31 days of Yoga. I have never done yoga before. My physique doesn’t scream yoga. I am not flexible. (Can’t touch my toes without bending my knees.) But as I journey through the Middle Ages, I am looking for ways to expand and challenge my daily fitness of running and biking. Stay tuned…

I have also invested in Cross Country skis. We don’t have enough snow yet here to use these, but holding out hope that winter shows up and I can add this to my winter fitness. I will spare you the story of the last time I tried this activity, but will say it was about 35 years ago and didn’t end well.

I am also still on the challenge of taking time each day/week to improve my skills as an amateur photographer. Maybe this will turn into a photo blog.

I am still drawn and intrigued with the art of blogging. So for now, “Thoughts from Middle Life” will continue forward, just like we all do in this world. If you have found my posts, thank you for staying and reading my annual thoughts. Its something about this year…a time to reflect back on the year and look at the year ahead…full of opportunity and potential. I wish you all the best in the year ahead. What challenges are you focused on in 2019? Make them good ones.

Stop back again. Life is good here in the Middle Age.

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