One last thought about 2015

What is it about this time of year?  Why is the last week in December the week I feel the need to write, blog, share, connect and reflect?  Maybe its that last one, reflection.  The end of the year and the excitement of a fresh one.   Did I live life the best I could this year?  Did I make the most of those opportunities with my daughters?  Did I love enough?  Did I laugh enough?

2015 was not my best year by any stretch.   Divorce and the untangling of two lives intertwined for the better part of two decades is not something that is easy, even under the most amicable of circumstances.   The loss of family to cancer is no way head into the holiday season.   Endings are not what you live for, usually, especially these types of endings.  Its been a tough road, lonely with a lot of self reflection, blame, anger and downright sadness.

But through this past year, I have rediscovered and reconnected, reflected and repaired, and had many realizations.   This time of year many are sharing their wisdom and insight for 2016, how to make the most of life, etc.  It can be very overwhelming to say the least.  Especially to a guy like me.   Especially right now, when I am looking to be better, to grow, to learn yet stay true to who I am…because who I am is not that bad.  (at least I don’t think so.)  My journey through middle life in 2015 ends for me with the following lessons:

Life is a gift, not an obligation.  Live like it.

Take time every day to find the beauty, because its there

Gratitude is key – find at least three things each day to be thankful for

Be the best you

You can’t control the actions and feelings of others, take the love (and the hurt) and dance in the moment

Finally, and this is the most important for me this year…it’s over.  Time to start a new chapter, a new year with new opportunities.

Be excited for what will be.

The Captain.

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