Ummmm….really?  2018?  Where did 2016 go?  What about 2017?   Talk about infrequent posts and non-existent blogging.  I echo my thoughts from years ago…

What is it about this time of year that prompts me to visit this blog and share? 

I think it comes down to the beginning and ending of another trip around the sun, and the quiet post-holiday, deep in the winter stillness.  Like a fresh snowfall, the year spreads out ahead of us untouched and clean.

I am drawn to the potential of blogging, but the activities of my life seem to prevent me from being a regular poster.  Is it because I feel like I need to have deep, meaningful, moving topics to share?  Probably.  I am surrounded by people who are more creative than me who leave deep and meaningful posts.  Is it my excuse of not having enough time?  Just as likely, but more of an excuse…as I try to mark thoughts and quotes in my calendar on a regular basis.  No, I think at the end of the day my intentions are pure, but my follow through needs some work…besides, I continue to keep this site active.  Who knows, maybe one day “Thoughts from Middle Life” will be found by someone who can relate and will enjoy my thoughts.  Who knows, maybe this will just become my trail of bread crumbs left on the internet by-way.

So lets see if I can mark some highlights from 2016, and more importantly, 2017…as I don’t claim to have the best memory.

  • Found a wonderful woman to spend time with.  She makes me happy and we have many common interests, enjoying the same things but most importantly, enjoying time together and each other’s company.  Coming up on two years, believe it or not.
  • Girls continue to grow and do amazing things.  The eldest is a senior and evaluating her college and university options.  The youngest is just getting into high school.  Both bring joy, smiles and energy to my life…all the time.
  • Enjoyed winters skiing, including mountain trips.
  • Enjoyed summers boating and running – went a bit crazy and bought a Sea Doo.  There is both peace and energy on the water…so much fun.
  • Traveled to amazing places for work – Tokyo, Mexico City, Munich, London, Dallas, Redmond, and Charlotte…just to name a few.  I continue to work with a great company and great people doing great things.
  • Still want to expand my skills in photography.
  • Have bought a guitar in hopes of getting inspired to learn how to play.
  • Continue to expand my mind through books and professional development.

So what excitements will 2018 bring?  Hopefully more adventure, love, and experiences.  Maybe I will get motivated to start something new, improve my skills, blog a few more entries, take a chance, run a few more races, ski a few more runs and walk a few more miles.  But most importantly, remember to appreciate each day and thank God for all in my life.

Time to get on with my day, dear reader.  If you have found this post, then thank you for stopping by…don’t forget to pause each day to appreciate where you are…life is still good here in the Middle Age.

The Captain

(photo courtesy of Lake Superior Magazine, photography by Christian Dalbec)

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